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Getting started

You are interested in saving gas fees? Great! If you are a developer, check our our sdk resources. Otherwise, here are some first steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click Add GasHawk RPC to Wallet and follow the guide to connect your wallet. You can find the instructions for rpc setup here.

  3. Create the transaction you had in mind like you usually would. Read more about the TX flow here.

  4. Have a look at your open transactions:

  5. Click on the three buttons to see which options are available there. Delete a transaction for fun if you want.

  6. Check a block explorer while the transaction is still in the "Open section" in GasHawk. The block explorer will not know anything about the transaction yet.

  7. Once a transaction has been mined, take a look at the summary chart and see how GasHawk handled your transaction. The Chart shows the gas fee you would have paid when sending the transaction immediately as orange line. The green line shows the gas fee you paid using GasHawk.

  8. Be creative and try whatever you're interested in!

  9. If you have any issues or want to provide us with feedback, we'd love to hear from you in Discord or on X.