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Where to save gas

There are many, many ways to save gas with GasHawk. Most important rule: the transaction should not be time critical and not be front-runnable.

This is a list of some great examples on how you can make the most out of GasHawk - and save the most money.

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Revoke allowances with

If you're using any decentralized applications that involve tokens or NFTs, it's important to be aware of the risks of approving token allowances. Allowances can be dangerous if left unchecked, so it's a good practice to regularly inspect and revoke them. is a preventative tool that can help you manage your token allowances and practice proper wallet hygiene. By regularly revoking active allowances, you reduce the chances of becoming the victim of an allowance exploit.

When the allowances you want to revoke are on Ethereum Mainnet, it can become costly to revoke them. A perfect use case for GasHawk! logo

Find and claim airdrops with

If you're looking for a way to check if you're eligible for any airdrops, is a great option. With, you can search for current airdrops and claim tokens from various projects just by entering your address. Additionally, you can set up email notifications so that you never miss an airdrop they know about.

It is a great use case for GasHawk because most of the time an Ethereum mainnet transaction is necessary to claim airdrop tokens.

Stake ETH with RocketPool

Staking ETH in a decentralized way always involves a mainnet transaction. These transactions are not time critical and should be done at the lowest possible cost to not cut into your staking rewards. Use GasHawk with RocketPool or Lido or any other on-chain staking service and set the deadline to max!

RocketPool logo

Interact with ENS

ENS is a great way to map human-readable names to Ethereum addresses and other data. It's also a great use case for GasHawk because all interactions with ENS domains (like setting records) need to happen on Ethereum mainnet and cost money. logo