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Account settings

You can control your account's settings by clicking on the corresponding button in the sidebar. Read more about the settings.

Account handling

The GasHawk Dashboard can handle multiple accounts, each corresponding to an account in your wallet e.g. Metamask and thus an ethereum address. The account selector is the yellow button at the bottom of the sidebar.

The account selector is used to switch between accounts and add new accounts.

Please note that, unlike some dapps, the GasHawk dashboard does NOT automatically switch accounts when you do so within your wallet. This means that your wallet can display Account 1 as active, while the dashboard shows Account 2.

Also, the GasHawk RPC endpoint only accepts transactions from accounts that have signed the Terms of Service:

This sometimes leads to confusion. You may have completed the onboarding process with Account 1, then switched to Account 2 in your wallet without adding the account to GasHawk. This would lead to your wallet sending transactions to the GasHawk RPC, and the RPC rejecting them because the Terms of Service have not been signed with this account yet. You have to sign the Terms of Service once for every account you want to use with GasHawk. Read more here

What to do when experiencing problems

  1. Make sure the address shown on the account selector button in the sidebar is the same as the address shown in your wallet e.g. Metamask
  2. Ask for support via Discord or X