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Supported transactions

Technically, GasHawk can process any transaction on the ethereum mainnet. That being said, you should use the system only for non-time-critical transactions. Let's find some examples for transaction you should and shouldn't use the system for.

Time critical transactions (do NOT use GasHawk for those)

  • Trading on DEX (decentralized exchange like Uniswap etc.). Delayed DEX trades can fail for many reasons, including too much slippage and timeouts that are enforced by the DEX.
  • Claiming of NFTs if there is any competition. Others will be faster than you!
  • Paying services that require fast payments. Your pizza delivery service will most likely consider the transaction abandoned if it is not completed within minutes.

Non time critical transactions (DO use GasHawk for those)

  • Depositing eth or erc20-tokens to a CEX (centralized exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, etc.).
  • Sending eth, erc20-tokens or NFTs to another address.
  • Deployment of smart contracts.
  • Minting of NFT collections.
  • Claiming rewards that you have accrued, e.g. during lending or staking.
  • Changing ENS records (note that registering an ENS domain might be time critical, but once the domain is yours, only you can change it's records).
  • Opening/closing maker vaults.
  • Opening/closing positions in pool together.
  • Opening/closing positions in liquidity pools for DEXs like Uniswap.
  • Use GasHawk's Flashbots option (user settings) for any transaction that is prone to frontrunning or other MEV (maximal extractable value).

General preconditions for being able to use GasHawk

  • You need to hold your own key. If you want to withdraw your funds from a CEX, you do not have access to the key required, which is why you can not use GasHawk to save fees on this transaction. If you're operating a CEX and want to save on gas fees though, that is perfectly possible. Just get in touch with us!
  • You need to be on a computer. For now, the frontend is not optimized for mobile devices. You might be able to use it on mobile anyway, but we do not recommend it.
  • You need to have some time to spare. If you need this transaction mined RIGHT NOW, don't use GasHawk (see above).